Why A-Beauty Is Changing The Way We Approach Skincare

If you are beauty obsessed like we are, you would be all over the K-Beauty trend and the popular 10-step routine that Koreans have made famous around the world. While we would be tempted to do almost anything to get that ‘glass skin’ Koreans are known for, let’s face it, sometimes we barely have time to wash our makeup off, let alone spending an hour in the bathroom trying to make sure your skin looks like it has a permanent filter.

Here at MERE Headquarters, while we love all things beauty, we are also realists. This is why when it came to developing our range, we took inspiration from the Australian way of life and paired that 10-step routine right back to what we believe are the foundations of skincare. This no-fuss, natural approach to beauty is inspired by the concept of Australian-Beauty, or what we like to call A-Beauty. A-Beauty isn’t just a type of product, it’s an approach to life. We see A-Beauty as being authentic, quietly confident and effortlessly cool. A-Beauty doesn’t encourage you to cover up your perceived flaws, but rather enhance what you love about yourself and what makes you unique.

A-Beauty is also hardworking. We work hard and are always on, so in this day and age, we expect that from our skincare too. We have created each formula to multi-task, just like you do. Where once upon a time a moisturiser did just that, moisturise, we have taken the baseline products and evolved them, so now they are designed to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. We also have you covered 24/7. For example, while you run around during the day, our Priming Face Cream will keep your skin hydrated and radiant, while also turning back the clock on those pesky fine lines. When you finally put your phone down at night and settle in to catch some z’s, our Recharge Sleep Mask has got your back. Our Night Mask works deep below the surface to inject a much-needed boost into your dermal layers, to ensure that when you wake up, your phone isn’t the only thing that’s fully charged, your skin will be too.

Australian’s are also known for their love of nature. In fact, we are home to some of the most supercharged ingredients on the planet. We need look no further than our own doorstep to find high performing natives like Kakadu Plum, Snowflower, Desert Lime, Prickly Pear and Rosalina, which when combined with the power of science, transfers the incredible survival and regenerative powers they have evolved over time, to our skincare.

Living in such a harsh climate, Australians know the importance of investing in our skin. We have some of the harshest sun conditions in the world, so the A-Beauty approach means our skincare not only has to repair any damage done by UV rays, but also has to protect us from future damage. Our range is designed with these requirements in mind, so MERE skincare not only delivers an abundance of antioxidants to your skin, but harnesses the power of science and nature to form a protective barrier through supercharged ingredients to reduce further damage.

So next time you are standing at the sink and feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to nail every step of the K-Beauty routine, remember we’ve got you covered. Our A-Beauty approach means you can strip your routine right back to the basics. In the morning when you wake, it’s all about cleansing and purifying. During the day we work hard to make sure your skin is moisturised and protected and at night we restore and repair your skin while you sleep. Before you think that seems like a lot, we’ve curated The MERE Essentials just for you, so your skincare journey is one less thing to worry about.