Introducing MERE

From a convergence of science and natural elements, MERE was born. Welcome to the future of beauty.

We are inspired by the untouched beauty and unrivalled resilience discovered above and below Australia’s pristine surface. MERE is not just the next generation of skincare - it’s super natural.

We hold a strong belief that active ingredients are only as powerful as the formula they are held in, and as such, we aim to push the boundaries of what is expected of modern skincare by combining scientific methodologies with super natural, bio active botanicals, forged in the unique conditions of Australia’s landscape. This process allows us to deliver to you high performance formulations powered by nature, and enhanced by science.

We’ve achieved this by not settling for just including effective ingredients, but revolutionising the way we use them. To create our powerful formulas, we extract these bio active ingredients at the molecular level, where they are at their most potent and most effective. Our unique, science-enhanced approach, allows us to harness the power to deliver performance without the side effects often caused by harsh chemicals found in many mainstream brands.

We don’t want MERE to simply work, we strive for our formulas to outperform expectations. We want to change the conversation around modern skincare. We work closely with leading research and innovation laboratories across the world to empower our team of cosmetic scientists to develop and refine our formulas to be perfectly balanced, potent and actively intelligent as the seamless ecosystem of the earth itself.

We have put our formulas to the test. Each ingredient from MERE undergoes meticulous clinical analysis to ensure maximum effectiveness, safety, and performance for your skin. We do not test our formulas or ingredients on animals, rather, our formulations are tested extensively by those who use it and those who inspire it.

We not only draw inspiration from the Australian ecosystem, but also from the Australian way of life. We call this approach A-Beauty. This concept of A-Beauty is fundamental to everything we do and everything we create. A-Beauty is about authenticity and the confidence to be exactly who we are. A-Beauty is effortless, pure and uncomplicated. It’s about celebrating who we are and what makes us unique. This philosophy guides us in everything from concept to execution of our brand, and is a core value of MERE.

We invite you to join us on our journey of redefining beauty, and become a part of the MERE community.